ROMANTICISM by Julia Trentini

In our agency, it all began with a dirndl. Since we always go through life with our eyes and ears open and are inquisitive in learning about the market and new products from the best buyers, it quickly became clear to us: Julia Trentini is the way to go. This premium label stands out with 2 collections per year, characterized by perfect fit, top quality, as well as innovative design that simultaneously adheres to tradition. The brand has always proven itself to be a very good partner with top service. We love the collaboration with Julia Trentini from Bad Tölzerin with roots in Trentino, Italy. The name says it all! A lot of heart, joie de vivre and a love of coziness and nostalgia lend a certain Trentini flair to the comprehensive total look of dirndls, dresses, skirts, bodysuits, knitwear, blazers, knitted felt and accessories. Romantic, playful and always refreshing!

Daddy’s Daughters – Urban Heritage

Few words or powers of persuasion are needed to captivate the customer with this unique collection. The Austrian Meike Schilcher - the mastermind behind Urban Heritage - knows how to create a sporty, authentic casual collection with lots of emotion and love. She remains true to her philosophy of 100% Cashmere. To complete her signature look, a range of gorgeous lambskin coats (produced in Germany), blouses (made in Portugal) and sporty dresses complete the collection. The aim isn't to be trendy. It is more about creating personal favorites that are wearable, fantastically natural and that impress through their unobtrusively beautiful style. We are very proud to have this label in our agency and look forward to accompanying this brand's development on its way to the top!



After retailers complained about poor sales of winter jackets in the winter and about poor sales of anything light and summery in the summer we thought – we can't alter the weather but we can certainly change our brand’s offering. What does a woman or man need at every time of the year? That’s right! A wind and weatherproof jacket. After developing a liking for the simplicity of Nordic brands, we struck it lucky in Hamburg again. DERBE’s jackets have had a cult following there for quite some time! They stand out for their practicality, cool design, exceptional value for money and sensational sales. The DERBE simply keeps its promises!

Black Colour